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    Staff Amenities Room


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    Staff Amenities Room

    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:41 am

    Welcome Members and Guests
    This is your room to kick back and relax, role play, run raffles,games etc.
    Welcome to Driffy's Bar!

    Historical Note:
    Doctor Aa`b Driff (Driffy) Ka`ar and Doctor Lu`Nah Pi`Ena are at the far side of the Bar..Dr.Lu as she was known is wearing the green Burka talking to Driffy. There are a couple of other characters in this pic.. Kain Eckert is standing at the far end of the bar with a bottle of beer and Dan Hakim is the little Nogrii at the very end. Xrati Zee is in the foreground with a flaming Hapan liqueur.William Starcruiser (Driff's Brother) is on Driff's right....More when I recall their names.

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